Book Club Meeting


I attended my first ever book club meeting yesterday which needless to say was novel and as you would imagine, I didn’t know what to expect, save for the laborious sojourn from my residence in essentially the furthermost western part of London to the furthermost eastern part and beyond, namely Essex.

Not that this is significant in the least but I loved the fact that we gathered in a book shop to discuss our views on This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay. I love the idea of gathering for these sorts of things in libraries or bookshops or rooms with antiquated furniture like phonographs or those phones you need two hands to hold. Any place with the rustic near burnt smell of new books and antiquity.

I felt quite out of place at first, quite like an anomaly in an otherwise homogeneous demographic but I was very much welcomed and resolved to listen to the conversation as it flowed only interjecting on rare occasions to see how my contributions would be received. There were received well on that note and the responses were kind and reassuring when I chimed in; “It just seems so much can go wrong. I’m almost afraid to give birth.” One participant shared with the rest of the group that she’d been informed by her doctor that her baby had died inside of her and so she as heartbreaking as it sounds was expecting to go into hospital when the time came to give birth to a stillborn baby. Thankfully, it was a horrible mistake and she had a healthy baby girl.

The general consensus regarding the book we discussed was that it was hilarious yet solemn and one which we would all easily recommend. To read my review of this book please click here and to learn more about upcoming reviews visit the Books page.


Books Galore

Is anyone else’s reading list growing faster than they can keep up with? Or is that just me? It’s a bit like being in a workplace environment where the tasks you have to complete keep building up mounting more pressure on your already stressful day only it’s not work, it’s not anything like sitting in an office processing invoices. It’s the type of pressure you enjoy or rather it’s the excitement in anticipation of losing yourself in the pages in another world, or discussion.

Please visit my Books page to see what I’m currently reading and to see any upcoming reviews.

Looks like I’m booked this weekend!


Book Club

So I’ve had a mini hiatus as work has been quite demanding since I last published my Bitcoin article. That and sheer laziness or rather to be less blunt, my hamartia of procrastination. #lazysunday seems to be synonymous of my Instagram page even trumping #booklover and #bookreviews. However, yesterday was less like my usual #lazysunday which normally consists of book reading and anime watching. I met up with my Japanese language exchange partner Yuki and engaged in what I consider to be pretty competent Japanese banter.

I also thought I might take of advantage of a Wuntu offer to watch a cineworld movie for only £3. With only 10 hours left to redeem the voucher, I thought to myself; ‘Why not?’ and was very much pleased to see that Avengers: Infinity War was still being shown.

I had resolved to watch it again as it was only £3 anyway but scrolling through the list of available movies, I saw listed among the ranks; ‘Book Club.’ ‘I like books,’ I thought ‘And I’ve seen Infinity War twice already.’ With that I promptly decided to watch something other than the typically action, Sci-fi, other worldly blockbusters I normally go to experience on the big screen.


And so we have Book club. A movie about “books,” a movie that pushes the boundaries of representation on the grounds of age and gender, a movie that proves CGI can, in fact transgress the borders of Superhero and Fantasy movies.

Unfortunately, that’s where the pros end. How meagre they were. Although many others in the movie theatre were laughing merrily at the clever quips and witticisms, I only saw it as a woeful attempt at humour. This movie is more about four pension-aged women trying to get laid than anything else. The elected book that formed the basis of their quaint club seems to compound this fact. I won’t mention which book it was as I feel that constitutes a spoiler but it was definitely a let-down that set a superficial tone rather than the seemingly light-hearted one they were after.

Maybe I’m asking too much when I say that I would’ve been happier if they had incorporated a bit more critical review and a bit less banter but it probably would’ve made it less superficial. There was an attempt at this but that was all but overshadowed by the movie’s obsession with the ladies sex life.

The other gripes I had with this movie were the painfully unnatural monologues spoken in tandem with the most cringe worthy inspirational  music in the background. And the main protagonist’s love interest whose smile, for some reason, made me think of a serial killing paedophile. I wholly believe that one should not be adversely judged or judged at all based on appearance but if a strange man came up to me (especially in the dark) and smiled at me like that, I may not be able control the involuntary reflexes of my bowel movements.

Despite my harsh critique, I wouldn’t mind watching this movie again oddly enough, but to be fair it would probably be something I’ll stream on putlocker to fall asleep to.


Shock Inducing Beast Of A Book…About Shock


I have finally finished reading the above and what I will say is that finishing a book never felt like such an accomplishment before.

I’m hoping to post the review next week just compiling my arguments for and against this theory. I have just published my Bitcoin article which you can read here. I briefly discuss a bit about what it is and where I see it going. Please feel free to comment!

About Me

Just completed my About page which I highly suggest you check out because I would very much appreciate it if you do. Also please follow me on my social media platforms where you’ll learn more about future articles I intend to publish and any events I plan to attend as well as more of my singular quirks <<<<(^O^)>>>>


What’s new?

Just finished typing up my first book review, namely; Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig which you can read here. Please share your feedback and look out for future reviews. Still working on the website; if you’re reading this, I’m sure you can tell Lochanreads is still a work in progress…