What Type Of Reader Are You?

It’s another sultry day of slick moistness in London and I’m currently reclining next to the fan with a bottle of San Miguel almost forlorn for having put down the fantastic Silent Companions by Laura Purcell. A book so bewitchingly eerie and sinister, it fills me with perverse felicity. I can’t wait to write a review of this book so please look out for it in the coming weeks. In the meantime, why not take a gander through my current book reviews and see if anything takes your fancy. Please visit the Books Reviews page to find out more.


We’re all fervent page turners here but we’re not without our peculiar reading habits. Do you have an idiosyncratic reading style? Here are six types of readers you may identify with. If I’ve left any out, please comment below and share your singular reading style. 

The Marathoner  − I suppose we all fall into this category if we are given the right book to read. The Marathoner can read dense novel in a matter of days. They can read tirelessly without stopping to stretch their limbs, even if the book doesn’t particularly strike their fancy.

Belcastro Agency

The Daydreamers − Do you ever start reading something and start to trail off somewhere in your mind mid sentence, before having to read that whole section again? It’s worth noting that this type of reader isn’t necessarily bored of what there’re reading. It’s more likely that there’re fantasizing about the book or altering the destiny of a certain character in their minds.


The Romantics − These readers get heavily invested in fictional characters to the point where their deaths or misfortunes in the books somehow traverse into real life. I can somewhat sympathize with the romantics; I remember outwardly mourning the deaths of Callum from Noughts and Crosses and Jon Snow, who knows nothing… (I had to put that in there).

The Escapists − These readers are most at risk from suffering from a severe form of existentialism. They particularly enjoy anything affiliated with the other-worldly genre and generally feel an aching lack of purpose when they complete a certain book or series.


The Procrastinators − The procrastinators will read the first two or three chapters of a book repeatedly over the course of several years before actually reading the book in its entirety.

The Commuter − This type of reader can’t survive the commute to and from work without their book in hand. Their eyes are fixated on the page completely absorbed and unaffected though being jostled about by the violently jerky stops and starts of whatever public transport they are using.

Honourable mention: The Multi-Purpose Reader − This type of reader can read upwards of three books at the same time.

started reading in Sixth Form (2012) finished only a couple of months ago… (2018)




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