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Hey fellow Otakus! 

Fancy a light-hearted slice of life manga this autumn? Or an action packed hero comic? Every month I’ll be recommending my picks for graphic novels of the month. Here are September’s recommendations. I hope you enjoy them and please come back next month for my reviews! 

Death Note:

download (10) Death Note is one of my all time favourite anime series. I’ve watched the anime upwards of six times yet everytime I watch it, the thrilling suspense and wit never falters, keeping me completely on edge constantly though I already know the outcome.

Light Yagami is a promising high school student set to go to a prestigious univeristy. He is extremely intelligent boasting grades that always sees him at the top of his class. But he is bored with the daily banalities of his everyday life. Then one day, he stumbles upon a notebook, a Death Note that has fallen from the Shinigami* realm to the human one. He becomes intrigued and learns that the book possesses a supernatural power whereby, the person whose name is written in the book will die suddenly of a heart attack.

Light takes it upon himself to use the Death Note as a force for good, cleansing the world of criminals all the while being pursued by a special taskforce headed by the equally as intelligent but more mysterious L.

I highly rate this anime and just explaining the plot now incites me to watch it again, alas I have never read the manga and now after furnishing my bookshelf with these unblemished volumes for some time, I’m excited to see if the manga excites me as much as the anime did.

Buy Death Note by clicking the link below!; <<(^O^)>>

 Death Note, Vol. 1: Boredom

Image result for anime fandom gif<<<<<<<WHEN SOMEONE SAYS THEY DON’T LIKE DEATH NOTE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


I Became The Secretary Of A Hero:

q-dEDwAAQBAJ“Paralegal Aki Konishi returns to her apartment after work to find a tall, dark, and handsome man claiming her little sister is his bride…before leaping out the window with her in his arms! Aki pursues the kidnapper through a rift he opened in the fabric of reality in a desperate attempt to save her sister.

Along the way, Aki encounters a dashing hero, a manly mage, and a handsome priest who unwittingly drags her into their battle against the Dark Lord, but what can a normal office worker do to help a hero and his team? Become the hero’s secretary, of course! Will Aki ever be able to save her sister from the Dark Lord? Find out in this exciting new fantasy light novel with a secretary twist!” – A summary by Amazon. Buy I Became The Secretary Of A Hero by clicking the link;
I Became the Secretary of a Hero!

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August’s Recommended Graphic Novel Was – Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Read a mini-review below; 👇👇👇

download (11) Narumi is a fujoshi* otaku which she blames for her hopeless love live. Hirotaka is an unapologetic game otaku who unlike Narumi doesn’t try to hide his love for video games and often slips game references into his everyday exchanges. Narumi and Hirotaka grew up as childhood friends, eventually going on to become colleagues. Their senior colleagues; Koyanagi and her partner Kabakura – whose relationship is rife with conflict and insults – are less involved members of the fandom but they do display a measure of otaku behaviour such as Koyanagi’s partiality for crossplay.*

Wotakoi is great fun to read with tons of light humour that amused me on more than one occasion. It’s a quick easy read with very expressive animation (as manga normally tends to be). The animation may strike those who are used to very standard Marvel type comics as oddly novel especially in the unique expressions of emotion such as the conspicuous sweat drop of embarrassment. Wotakoi is best enjoyed if it isn’t taken too seriously as it primarily focuses on the humour element of the manga, with light inferences to the social disjointedness of the otaku fandom.




Otaku is a Japanese word that describes people with an obsession with a particular hobby or interest. These people are commonly attributed to the anime/manga fandom and generally possess awkward social skills.

Shinigami literally means ‘Death God’ or ‘God of Death’ in Japanese.

Fujoshi  In Japanese fu means rotten and joshi means girl. It refers to women who enjoy homoerotic entertainment such as anime or manga.

Crossplay is a variation of Cosplay which is to dress up as a particular character. Crossplay involves dressing up as a character of the opposite sex.



Thanks for stopping by! Hope you return next month for more amazing Manga recommendations and reviews! (。♥‿♥。)



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