London Anime And Gaming Con

This summer the bi-annual London Anime and Gaming Con returned to London Metropolitan University Rocket complex. As ever, the atmosphere was lively and animated (no pun intended) teeming with striking cosplay, merch for the otakus, retro gaming, music, extremely talented artists and the latest most talked about games; of which I’m definitely going to purchase Pokkén Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch not only because the graphics are amazing but also I have a score to settle with my boyfriend whose Pikachu Libre proved to be a most worthy opponent for my Charizard.

The Winner!

I found it quite surprising, the fact that I didn’t splurge in the dealer room save for a retro Nintendo Advance cartridge, namely Need for Speed and as promised I rolled up in my extremely lazy Sailor Moon casual wear. I was grateful to have been recognized by a fellow cosplayer despite my lack of effort. Well if you see me at MCM Comic Con this October, you’ll see a much more committed black-girl Sailor Moon for sure. I have to keep up with these good sports at least! (See collage picture below).

If you’ve ever been to a con, you’ll find that all are welcoming and friendly as they all have a shared affinity towards very singular almost niche form of entertainment here in London. You instantly have so much in common like the lovely girl with Pikachu-in-Charizard-onesie earrings with whom I discussed my thoughts on the excessive fan service in Code Geass R2.*

The Cosplayers are one the highlights for me at any con, especially those that sweat blood and tears to produce a fantasticly Marvel movie worthy costume, or take the time to remember the finer details, though I have an unspoken mutual respect and understanding for the lazy casual cosplayers like myself. This con was somewhat lacking in the manga department which I was bit disappointed about; If I was going to splurge on anything this con, it wouldn’t have been my usual cat ears or Fullmetal Alchemist* purse type merch, it definitely would’ve been the manga, given the graphic novels segment I’ll be updating you with soon.

In any case, MCM Comic Con is just around the corner, only three months away and I can’t wait! I’ll just be playing my Need for Speed Advance until then! 🚙🚙🚙🚙 ~~~<<(^O^)>>~~~


Fancy going to a con? MCM Comic Con is the biggest Con event in London happening twice a year in May and October. This year it will be returning on the 26-28 October 2018 at the Excel London Exhibition Centre. For more information please visit;

Are you a die-hard anime and manga fan? Check out my Graphic Novels page for monthly recommendations and reviews. 

What type of convention-goer are you? Are you an avid or casual cosplayer? Share your thoughts by commenting below. 🙏


*Code Geass R2 is the second season in the series about a dystopian neo-Japan called Area 11, where one man must fight to overthrow an oppressive empire and save his ailing sister with the aid of his Geass power.

*Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime series based on the manga comics of the same name about two brothers who use alchemy (the science of the day) to resurrect their mother but all goes not to plan and they suffer dearly.